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About The Blog

CHECKMATTER.COM is a blog on a personal check/cheque. The main aim is to present the information on check writing & cash on check on a simple, unbiased and easy to understand manner.

This blog covers a wide array of personal check topics like how to write a check, how to fill out a check, how to write a check with cents, how to write check amount, how to write $100 check ( like – $200, $500, $1000, $1500, etc) with cent & without cent, how to cash a check, cash a cheque, etc.

Informed check writers will take better check writing decisions. If a check writer is learning, how to write a check & how to make cash on a check to him/her.

Make this website for that person, they are writing check & make a payment between Check. 

Kindly, join us and support this initiative. “Be in the know.”

About the Author

Ajit Naskar

Hi, friend! my name is Ajit Naskar  I am from India.

I’m Insurance Adviser From LIC & Star Health Insurance, Social Influencer & Blogger.

Ajit Naskar
Ajit Naskar

I strongly believe in God. If “God” wants to not move leaves so don’t move leaves.